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Si-Tech Virgo Glove System

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Si-Tech Virgo Glove System

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VIRGO is a round Dry Glove System that connects with the PU-Ring of QCS Oval. It provides the recreational diver with an easy to mount, easy to use Dry Glove System, designed to performe - no matter the diving environment. The VIRGO Dry Glove System can be used together with a great variety of dry gloves.

The VIRGO Dry Glove System provides the opportunity to change wrist seals instantly, without gluing.  


  • User friendly
  • Self supported
  • Accomodating most hands
  • Sturdy construction


Item no: 60550

  • Set with VIRGO components

Item no: 60552

  • Complete set with VIRGO and PU-Ring (of QCS Oval)
  • Silicone seals, standard size






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